Google Releases On-Device Diagnostics Tool and Repair Manuals for Pixel Phones


In a bid to empower users with greater control over their Pixel phones, Google has recently rolled out an innovative diagnostic tool aimed at identifying and addressing potential issues. By simply entering ##7287## on the dial pad, users can launch the application, allowing for a comprehensive check of their device’s functionality, both pre and post-repair.

This cutting-edge diagnostic tool encompasses a variety of features, enabling users to run full diagnostic tests to identify issues across the entire device. Additionally, users can conduct individual tests targeting physical defects, display-related problems, sensor functionality, and connectivity issues. The tool is now accessible on all Pixel phones, offering a user-friendly experience in the English language.

In tandem with the diagnostic tool, Google is introducing redesigned repair manuals, specifically curated to be more accessible for both technicians and do-it-yourself (DIY) enthusiasts. Currently available for the Pixel Fold, Pixel 8, and Pixel 8 Pro, users can download these manuals in English and French from Google’s website. The tech giant has also committed to expanding the range of supported devices, with repair manuals for previous and upcoming Pixel models slated for release in the coming months.

An additional feature making waves in the Pixel phone ecosystem is the recently unveiled Repair Mode. This mode, introduced earlier this month, allows Pixel phone owners to activate a safeguard for their private information when their device is undergoing repairs. Drawing parallels with Samsung’s Repair Mode from 2021, Google is prioritizing user privacy during the repair process.

This move by Google aligns with the broader trend among tech companies to embrace do-it-yourselfers (DIYers) and independent repair shops. Both Google and Samsung have collaborated with iFixit to offer repair parts for various devices. Apple, on the other hand, has been steadily expanding its self-repair services since its launch last year and recently introduced an online diagnostics tool for users.

As Google continues to enhance the user experience with these tools and features, it reflects a positive shift towards greater transparency and user empowerment in the realm of smartphone maintenance and repair. Stay tuned for more updates, as Google is expected to roll out additional repair manuals for a wider range of Pixel devices in the near future.


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