Drake muddies the ‘Push Ups’ AI debate with a deepfake


Closing twelve months, about a AI teach clone tracks went viral using Drake’s teach. His tag, Favorite Media Community, spoke back to at least one track with a strongly worded statement towards AI and takedown requests that seen it a ways flung from streaming services and products. And Drake, apparently now now not chuffed about one other one of many songs, posted, “Here’s the closing straw AI,” on Instagram.

Over the weekend, a brand unique track “leaked,” and followers had been debating whether it’s in actual fact from Drake or if it’s the return of AI Drake. The tune is a diss track called “Push Ups” that targets Kendrick Lamar and Metro Boomin, among others. At one level, it tells Metro Boomin to “shut your ho ass up and make some drums.” It sounds like Drake, however on a shut pay attention, there are tiny obvious system defects in his teach.

After “Push Ups” went viral, Drake didn’t formally steal credit score for the track however made several references to it in his Instagram tales, alongside side posting an AI deepfake of rap producer Metro Boomin standing in for Gash Cannon in a clip from the 2002 film Drumline.

That’s now now not in actual fact a affirmation that he made the tune. If the relaxation, his utilize of a deepfake video almost appears like a troll. Maybe he made the tune, and presumably he even passe his enjoy AI teach clone to construct it. Or maybe he had nothing to construct with it and he’s correct participating with the hype for stress-free. One verbalize that does seem certain is that even supposing the teach clones troubled him last twelve months, he’s comely with using AI to meme.

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