An AI recount notes app that no doubt works


Hello, chums! Welcome to Installer No. 32, your recordsdata to the finest and Verge-iest stuff on the planet. (Whereas you’re contemporary here, welcome, satisfied weekend, and moreover, it’s doubtless you’ll well maybe maybe presumably read the total extinct editions on the Installer homepage.) 

This week, I’ve been writing about AI engines like google and the long breeze of Disney Plus, finding out about Anne Hathaway and Andrew Huberman and Jonathan Kanter, talking productiveness apps with the WVFRM crew, continuing to look every “how they made Dunevideo I’m in a position to win my fingers on, being attentive to the Sad Box podcast, and finding out what The Layout is and discover how to practice it to every facet of my life. 

I moreover have for you a bunch of contemporary things to look this weekend, a brand contemporary AI recount notes app, a nice contemporary-extinct keyboard, an app for meals tracking, some comedy podcasts, and a entire bunch extra. Let’s win into it.

(As always, the finest section of Installer is your solutions and pointers. What are you into correct now? What ought to level-headed all individuals else be playing, observing, finding out, whittling, having a explore at, or cooking this week? Interpret me the entire lot: [email protected]. And while you occur to perceive any individual else who would possibly maybe well maybe enjoy Installer, forward it to them, and picture them to subscribe here.)


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The Fall

  • Cleft Notes. I’ve been fooling around with rather loads of AI-powered recount notes apps, and this one would possibly maybe well maybe maybe be the finest yet. You appropriate talk, and the app turns your unordered solutions into properly formatted notes — which it’s doubtless you’ll well maybe maybe presumably always appropriate toggle again into your transcripts.
  • A Gentleman in Moscow. Amor Towles’ book is an all-timer, and the prove — starring Ewan McGregor as a count residing under dwelling arrest in a bask in hotel, I allege, it’s extra thrilling than it sounds — looks bask in it holds up reasonably unheard of. I’d even pay for Paramount Plus for this. 
  • The Anxious Skills, by Jonathan Haidt. Take into accout that Atlantic memoir in regards to the enact of telephones and social media on younger folks that went mega-viral a few weeks ago? Here is the book model. I don’t always bask in Haidt’s solutions or methodology of pondering, but to this point, I’m taking this book appropriate as a series of conversation starters about discover how to be a guardian (and a teen, and a person) in the typical world. There’s lots to chew on here.
  • Steve! (martin) a documentary in 2 items. This doc is three-plus hours long, which is terribly loads of time to exhaust with Steve Martin. But it’s Steve Martin! In a methodology, it’s a documentary all about how no one no doubt knows the well-known personality, which is terribly the shallowness, nonetheless it’s level-headed a deep explore at a deeply humorous dude.
  • SigmaOS. Here’s a browser beefy of attention-grabbing solutions about how browsers ought to level-headed work. Most recently, the firm rolled out a bunch of AI aspects for having a explore and summarizing the net. As a individual that publishes on the net, it makes me no doubt feel rather loads of feelings. As a person, it’s reasonably precious. 
  • The Believers. A Netflix prove about startups, faith, fraud, the energy of advertising and marketing and belief, faking it till you variety it, crimes, police officers, extra crimes, and extra police officers? Yes, I will be observing this on Netflix this weekend.
  • Spotify Classes. At any time when Spotify launches a brand contemporary element, I no doubt have two solutions. First, oh no, how is this going to further extinguish the Spotify UI? Then, second, oh huh, I’d no doubt exhaust this. This week’s entrant: video and audio tutorial programs. It’s simplest in the UK to this point, but I no doubt deem I’ll exhaust this if it comes my methodology. 
  • The Spider Within: A Spider-Verse Story. A beefy-on film in a seven-minute rapid. The animation fashion in the Spider-Verse motion photos continues to blow my solutions, and this memoir about apprehension and conversation is a reasonably great one. And it’s taking into consideration a appropriate reason!
  • The 8BitDo Commodore 64 keyboard. As a consequence of all individuals who emailed final week after my plea about keyboards! I’m having a explore at silent switches and the Logitech MX Keys, but my heart already belongs to this $110 instrument: a retro beige keyboard with the total flair and customization it deserves.

Show cloak cloak part

Jesse David Fox knows extra about comedy than, I don’t know, almost definitely anybody. He writes for Vulture (our Vox Media chums) about comedy; he wrote a book about comedy delightfully called Comedy E book; he hosts the very humorous and customarily very deep podcast Correct One; and he appropriate became that podcast true into a Peacock particular that dropped this week called Correct One: A Reward About Jokes. It’s about Mike Birbiglia, who I bask in, but moreover about what it methodology to be humorous and ingenious and appropriate, bask in, a person.

I requested Jesse to part his homescreen, in section because I settle on to perceive if Comedy Apps are a element but moreover to explore how any individual with his job — to always be observing, being attentive to, finding out, discovering, talking about, and dissecting humorous stuff — no doubt finds all that stuff. 

So here’s Jesse’s homescreen, plus some recordsdata on the apps he uses and why:

The phone: iPhone 13 Mini, but I don’t bask in it. I create bask in that it’s no longer that big, but I narrate my subsequent phone is maybe no longer an Apple.

The wallpaper: The lock show cloak is an Art Shay photograph. My homescreen is Joel Meyerowitz. Aren’t they nice? I noticed them each and each at The Pictures Reward years ago.

The apps: Calendar, Photos, Camera, Apple Notes, Settings, Weather, Clock, SevenBell, Cell phone, Utter, Peacock, Messages, Marvel Limitless.

Customarily, these are the apps I exhaust and am beautiful the utilization of. Weather, Notes, Camera, and the podcast apps (I snoop on rather loads of podcasts to create compare for Correct One) are my most outdated. I compare Slack and Instagram the total time but would settle on to variety it extra no longer easy for me to create so, so I settle on to look for them. 

Two apps have recently moved to the homepage: 1.) Peacock, so I’m in a position to always play the Correct One particular to win the views up, and a pair of.) Marvel Limitless. I recently began finding out comics. There are obvious MCU motion photos and reveals I most smartly-liked so unheard of that I presumed maybe I’d bask in the supply. And I’m loving it! Esteem that Groot.

I moreover requested Jesse to part a few things he’s into correct now. Here’s what he sent again:

  • Investigate cross-check teach material. For the period of the pandemic, YouTube radicalized me to be into watches. On TikTok, I turned into once being served rather loads of Pawn Stars clips, and I loved it. Then, I noticed the total clips were no doubt on YouTube, and that methodology, I wouldn’t should peril about TikTok destroying my mind. After a few weeks, I began working out of Pawn Stars clips and YouTube urged Antiques Roadshow clips, which I loved. One of essentially the most infamous Antiques Roadshow clips entails an older army used receiving an absurd estimate on his Rolex, and I LOVED that. Possibly because I watched it a few times and sent it to folks, YouTube began suggesting videos from Hodinkee and Teddy Baldassarre. Years later, now my Instagram feed is suitable photos of extinct watches and shady characters making deals on watches I’ll maybe well maybe by no methodology earn the money for. (Whereas it’s doubtless you’ll well maybe maybe presumably earn the money for and desire my advice, please no doubt feel free to succeed in out.) I moreover have rather loads of theories a few big conspiracy inspiring all these teach material creators, so I’m mostly spending my time attempting to resolve that.
  • Clips of the Mind the Sport podcast. I bask in observing two folks discuss one thing they each and each know lots about, regardless if I am conversant in the topic. I look and play basketball, but LeBron James and J.J. Redick’s contemporary podcast is over and over previous my comprehension. Accrued, I earn it no doubt luscious to explore LeBron act bask in a large dorkus in regards to the ways you try to provide protection to an inverted pick and roll. That acknowledged, I’m in a position to’t look beefy episodes, because it is, in point of fact, too dead.
  • Rookies. A podcast on the particular opposite end of the spectrum, Lauren Lapkus and Nicole Byer know nothing about what they discuss every season (for the time being, Batman motion photos), but there is one thing so endearing in how they enhance every other’s confusion and eccentric misreadings of the movies they give the impression of being.
  • After Hour of darkness and Dinner Time Live. I bask in comedians, and I bask in observing folks put together dinner, but what I enjoy most about each and each of these reveals is how over and over things trudge defective. Comedians mess up or intentionally damage the rules, and After Hour of darkness host Taylor Tomlinson roughly gets mad at them, but mostly all individuals, including me, is laughing. On DTL, David Chang no doubt messes up cooking so unheard of extra than is long-established on a cooking prove. After which, with the finest episodes, the traffic earn ways to be brokers of chaos of their very comprise correct. So unheard of of slack-night television is sleek and organized. It’s a long way relaxing to explore folks be moderately free.


Here’s what the Installer community is into this week. I settle on to perceive what you’re into correct now as successfully! Email [email protected] or message +1 203-570-8663 with your solutions for anything else and the entire lot, and we’ll feature some of our favorites here per week. 

“Chanced on a brand contemporary macro tracker / meals diary that I bask in — FoodNoms. It has the finest AI feature I’ve viewed on this category: this is in a position to well maybe merely wager on the approximate caloric / dietary cost of a meal, so while you occur to exit for breakfast and don’t no doubt feel bask in attempting to damage down every ounce of that eggs Benedict, the app will will let you win a ballpark estimate so that you can add to your diary.” – Prick

“Addicted to playing ‘End of Beginning’ by Djo on loop and simplest appropriate now discovered that it’s by the facet project of the ravishing floppy-haired guy from Stranger Issues.” – Amy

3 Physique Concern has consumed my week and my mind. Now that I’ve accomplished S1, I’m on to the audiobook, narrated by Rosalind Chao.” – Bud

“I’m for the time being constructing the Lego Technic Mars Crew Exploration Rover. It appropriate dropped this month!” – Jeff

“Because you mentioned fight royales, Blizzard has appropriate launched a puny-time BR called Plunderstorm. It’s a long way available in the market eventually of the well-known menu of WoW, uses WoW sources and issues, but would no longer feature your player personality and performs utterly in a different plan. It’s essentially the most unearthly element I’ve viewed in ages.” – Sanjeev

Strategery for iOS. This sport app especially shines on iPad where it’s doubtless you’ll well maybe maybe presumably develop larger battlefields. It’s nearly meditative to play in desire to anxious to lose bask in Risk, once you win the dangle of it.” – Jake

Prick & Dice appropriate shipped this week on Steam, and it’s fully charge attempting out while you occur to’re partial to Abolish the Spire. I’ve been playing an early model on for a few years, and ravishing warning: I needed to uninstall it because I turned into once playing it too unheard of. So I wager I’d nominate this for The Uninstaller?” – Ron

Dragon’s Dogma 2 had been occupying my mind location all week. It’s a marvelous mix of fantasy adventuring and a chaos simulator, with spectacular outcomes. Also, Giant Bomb has an ongoing prove called Blight Club through which they steal turns playing essentially the most notoriously evil games ever made and cosplay as characters from them. It’s hilarious, nostalgic, and moreover heartbreaking as they fight with busted games.” – Bobby

“I outdated to look the entire lot from Marvel, but I don’t deem I’m the finest one who misplaced pastime in the MCU. As a longtime Spidey and X-Men fan, I now scratch my Marvel itch with games. Card games for mobile and one for desktop. Marvel Snap is terribly relaxing, and it’s doubtless you’ll well maybe maybe presumably play (and pick up!) with out spending money. Hour of darkness Suns is moreover fun but a puny bloated. But placing around with the heroes between missions is candy. Invent mine Marvel!” – Jasper

Signing off

Roughly once a twelve months, I stumble all the plan through an NPR Tiny Desk video, realize Tiny Desk is the finest element on YouTube, after which exhaust a few days or months observing dozens of them. (This time, it turned into once Justin Timberlake’s newest look that received me rehooked.) To me, here is the entire lot shapely in regards to the net, all in a single build: it’s each and each low-tech and no doubt successfully made, silly and intimate, and level-headed enormous professional, and it honestly feels bask in I’m in the room with Olivia Rodrigo or the forged of The Lion King or Usher. And positive, obviously, obviously I look the Taylor Swift one each time I win into it yet again.

Leer you subsequent week!

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